Saturday, 10 August 2013

Going Back To School Our Ideas On Year 11

Going back to school to the regular teenager seems scary but is it really? You already know everyone and hopefully this far into secondary school you have your own social groups sorted. But still its your last year...your last chance to make an impression so when you look back, school wasn't a complete waste (excluding the whole studying and academic side) You might think its scary but to be honest most of the work has been done in year 10...but its still not over.

But saying that year 11 is crucial!!!!!!!!!!! STUDDDYYYYY PEOPLE !!!!!! those 10+ years of school have been building up to one set of exams. Get off Tumblr, Get off Youtube, Get off Twitter and Facebook and go and revise trust me you'll thank yourself for it. 

However if your going into year 7 here are some tips:
1) Sit next to someone from your primary school even if you don't know them well its important to see a familiar face.
2) PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE don't get a bag that swamps your you don't EVERY book.
3) Never chew on the pen or pencil you borrowed.
4) Girls...You r wearing a skirt you can roll it...A long skirt only makes you look smaller and more of a year 7.
5) Breathe its all over in 5 years Good Luck

It goes quicker than you think 

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